Should melamine crockery be used in casual dining restaurants?

Debunking Myths about Melamine Dinnerware
September 26, 2019
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Should melamine crockery be used in casual dining restaurants?

Most restaurant operators don’t consider melamine because of their outdated assumptions about the appearance and quality of melamine. However the melamine crockery has come a far way from its earlier days. With advances in manufacturing technology, melamine crockery now comes in trendy designs, sleek shapes and finishes that resemble materials such as wood, marble, stoneware and earthenware.

Melamine has a replacement rate of 10% to 20% annually as compared to 50% to 150% for ceramic tableware. This saves food establishment operators a lot of costs in the long term.

Melamine is the most operational friendly food service dinnerware material available.

But my guests expect to be served in China…

Most of your guests do not care about whether they are being served in china or melamine, and most can’t even tell the difference between the two materials from the look and feel. What guests do care about is if the basic condition of their plates- that is if they are being served in clean, chip free, stain free crockery. Both melamine and ceramic crockery will chip, crack, dull and fade over time, which is why it is important to inspect and replace any plate that does not meet this criteria.

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