Debunking Myths about Melamine Dinnerware

Should melamine crockery be used in casual dining restaurants?
May 21, 2019
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Debunking Myths about Melamine Dinnerware

Myth 1: Eating from Melamine dinnerware poses a health risk.

Melamine dinnerware is available in two forms in the Indian market – 100% pure melamine and urea mixed melamine.

The first type which is 100% pure melamine does not pose any health hazard and is absolutely safe for use under normal circumstances ie it should not be exposed to high temperatures of above 120 degrees celsius. Infact 100% pure melamine tableware has been assessed by FDA to be absolutely safe for use. Reputed brand names such as Superware, Cello and Servewell sell only 100% pure melamine dinnerware. A 100% pure melamine dinner plate price starts at Rs 120 per piece and onwards.

Urea mixed melamine dinnerware is unsafe for use and should be avoided at all costs. These dinnerware can be identified by their lack lustre finish, unfinished edges, low costs and unknown brand names.

Myth 2: Melamine dinnerware is unbreakable.

Melamine is a very durable material but it is break resistant which means that it not unbreakable and can break if it is not properly cared for. Melamine is however more durable than China and chips and breaks less often, and its service life can surpass that of China.

Myth 3: Melamine dinnerware looks cheap and like plastic

Present day melamine dinnerware has come a long way since the old days when it looked unsophisticated and boring. Melamine dinnerware now comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, textures and colours. Melamine is now made to resemble materials such as wood, slate, granite, marble, ceramic etc. This serves the aesthetic function as well as extends to life beyond what you would get from using the original materials.

Myth 4: Melamine dinnerware is less expensive to buy than China

While this is generally true, it is not a universal truth. Melamine dinnerware can sometimes be more expensive than China dinnerware and depends on weight and design options. A Wooden finish melamine BnB plate can cost Rs 215 per piece whereas a simple white China BnB can start at Rs 100 per piece.

However, over the long run it is definitely less expensive to use melamine dinnerware than China, as melamine dinnerware will last longer and be replaced at 20% of the rate of China.