The type of cutlery that you use can make a huge impact on your overall table layout. Cutlery can be divided into 3 major categories : Spoons, Forks and Knives.

There are different types of spoon for specific tasks.

  • Teaspoon : It is meant for stirring coffee, tea, soups and eating.
  • Tablespoon : Tablespoons are bigger than a teaspoon and are used for serving food from Serving bowls
  • All Purpose spoon : An all-purpose spoon is bigger than a teaspoon but smaller than a tablespoon.
  • Soup spoon : A large rounded spoon used for eating soup. An oval spoon is used in case soup contains meat, vegetables, bread crumbs etc.
  • Dessert spoon : It is used for eating sweet dishes and puddings.
  • Sundae spoon : Long spoons are used to reach the bottom of sundae glass and eat liquid or semi-liquid food like ice-cream toppings, floats, jelly etc.
  • Fruit spoon : Fruit spoon has an elongated bowl and a pointed tip that aids in cutting fruit and eating fruits like grapes, oranges and melons.
  • Coffee Spoons − These are smaller than the dessert spoon in length and size of cup. We use these spoons to stir tea or coffee.
  • Cocktail (Soda) Spoon − It is a drink spoon with a long handle that helps the spoon to reach the bottom of a tall glass.

There are different types of forks for specific tasks.

  • All Purpose Fork : Dinner forks are used for the main course. The length of dinner forks is usually around seven inches.
  • Dessert Fork : It is used for eating Cake, Pies and Pastries. It is more or less similar to Salad Forks
  • Forks with extra long tines : Such forks are meant for eating spaghetti and noodles.

There are different types of knives for specific tasks.

  • Dinner Knife : Dinner knife is sized between 9.5 inches to 10 inches. Dinner knives are generally used to cut and push food.
  • Steak Knife : Steak knives are either serrated or non-serrated depending on specific steak cuts. It is usually four to six inches long.
  • Dessert Knife : It is generally used for dessert, fresh or candied fruit. It can be used to cut cakes and pastries. It goes together with the dessert spoon.
  • Fruit Knife : Fruit knives have a pointed tip and a narrow straight. It is meant to cut and peel fruits.
  • Butter Knife : Butter knives have a rounded point, to ensure that it does not scrape the bread while spreading butter. Dinner knives are usually 5 to 6 inches long.