Having the perfect drinkware set is essential to every food establishment.The following are the different types of drinkware used in the hospitality industry along with their uses.


The Tumbler is one of the most commonly used types of drinkware. Tumblers have flat bottoms and can be made in all of the common drinkware materials. Tumblers are used in nearly all types of food establishments.

Mugs/Tea Cups

The Mug or Tea cup is commonly used for hot beverages like coffee, hot chocolate, and tea. Mugs are typically made with heat-safe materials like tempered glass or porcelain.


Stemware is commonly made with glass, crystal, or crystalline. There are many different types of stemware, ranging from white wine glasses to champagne flutes and specialty margarita glasses.

Pitchers/ Decanters

The Pitcher or Decanter is commonly used to dispense beverages and not as a drinking vessel. Pitchers/decanters are most commonly used in bars and sit down restaurants. Pitchers and Decanters are most commonly made of Glass or Polycarbonate.

Rocks Glasses

Rocks Glasses (also known as Old Fashioned glasses) are usually found in bars,lounges or clubs for serving alcoholic beverages such as Whiskey. Rock glasses are typically made from glass.

Pilsners / Beer Mugs

Pilsners and beer mugs are also more commonly found in bars or restaurants that serve Beer. Because pilsners and tankards are typically frosted for maintaining a colder beverage temperature, tempered glass is usually the material of choice.

Shot Glasses

Shot glasses are used in bars,night clubs and lounges but have been used in dessert applications for their perfect budget shooter size. Shot glasses are typically made with glass or even SAN plastic.